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The complete line of patella bands and straps from is ideal for treating chondromalacia, generalized knee pain, jumper's knee, Osgood-schlatters, and patella tendonitis. Express Orthopedics offers the top brands in the market for sports knee braces and supports for knee injuries such as Aircast, DonJoy, and ProCare with sports medicine applications in basketball, running and jogging, tennis, volleyball, and much more. For more information, please call Express Orthopedics at 1-888-886-6337 and let us help you save on your next order of patella bands and straps.
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Helps relieve anterior knee pain caused by patellar tendonitis, chondromalacia and Osgood Schlatter by applying pressure to the patella tendon. The primary body of the strap is a soft, latex free nylon/foam laminate with contact closures. A unique cylindrical Floam bladder is encased inside the body of the primary patella strap and may be adjusted for added compression. Floam provides uniform compression and a customized fit while prohibiting pressure from being displaced to bony prominences. Patent pending.
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 DJO 79-80322 Patella Strap, X-Small, Less than 10in EA N/A L2999 $18.59 $16.40 $14.85 $14.27 $13.24
 DJO 79-80323 Patella Strap, Small, 10.5in - 12.5in EA N/A L2999 $18.59 $16.40 $14.85 $14.27 $13.24
 DJO 79-80325 Patella Strap, Medium, 13in - 15in EA N/A L2999 $18.59 $16.40 $14.85 $14.27 $13.24
 DJO 79-80327 Patella Strap, Large, 15.5in - 17.5in EA N/A L2999 $18.59 $16.40 $14.85 $14.27 $13.24
 DJO 79-80328 Patella Strap, X-Large, 18in plus EA N/A L2999 $19.21 $16.96 $15.35 $14.75 $13.69
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