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When you have diabetes, taking proper care of your feet is critical because poor foot care can lead to serious problems, including possibly having to amputate the foot or leg. offers a full line of diabetic foot care products designed to make this take easier such as diabetic walker systems and off-loading diabetic shoes. Don't let your diabetes manage you, let Express Orthopedics help you manage your diabetes by calling today at 1-888-886-6337 and let us help you save on your next order of diabetic foot care products.
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Designed with a wider foot bed for increased stability and a soft nylon/foam liner with no seams in critical post-surgical areas. Tri-laminate insole is designed with Impax™ Grid technology to redistribute load away from ulcers with removal of Impax foam blocks. Low profile, rocker bottom cushioned outer sole for shock absorption. Optional Toe Cover and a set of Upright Pads for additional patient comfort. Ideal for replacement of total contact casting; treatment of pre-ulcerative or ulcerative conditions of the plantar surface of the foot; charcoat foot.
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 DJL 79-95453 Small - Men Shoe Size - up to 5, Woman… EA 144.34 L4386 $95.25 $85.42 $77.34 $74.32 $68.95
 DJO 79-95455 Medium - Men Shoe Size - 5.5 - 10, Wo… EA 144.34 L4386 $95.25 $85.42 $77.34 $74.32 $68.95
 DJL 79-95457 Large - Men Shoe Size - 10.5 - 13, Wo… EA 144.34 L4386 $95.25 $85.42 $77.34 $74.32 $68.95
 DJL 79-95458 X-Large - Men Shoe Size - 14 - 17, Wom… EA 144.34 L4386 $95.25 $85.42 $77.34 $74.32 $68.95
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