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Ankle is your single source supplier for ankle braces and ankle supports. Express Orthopedics offers a complete line of ankle braces for use in treating a variety of ankle injuries including mild to severe ankle sprains, arthritis, heel pain, and post-op rehabilitation from top brands such as ProCare, DonJoy, and Aircast at discount and bulk rates to pass the savings on to you. While we specialize in working with the professional medical community, we recognize the needs of the individual and offer a vast collection of ankle braces and supports to the average consumers to accommodate their unique ankle injury needs. Ease ankle discomfort and promote healing with any of the quality ankle braces or ankle supports from Express Orthopedics. For more information, please call Express Orthopedics at 1-888-886-6337 and let us help you save on your next order of ankle braces and ankle supports.

Ankle Braces and Supports for Ankle Injuries

We've categorized our ankle braces and supports for ankle injuries based on the support they provide. Click on the level of support you need and view the recommended braces.

Mild Support Ankle Braces
These mild support ankle braces provide a light amount of support and are ideal for injuries where weight bearing and walking are still possible such as first degree ankle sprains.

Moderate Support Ankle Braces
These moderate level support ankle braces are ideal for providing extra stability during sports and activities; especially if you are prone to ankle sprains. These ankle supports may also be used while recovering from an ankle sprain in the second degree when walking is difficult.

Maximum Support Ankle Braces
Our maximum support ankle braces are designed to treat severe ankle sprains such as ankle sprains in the third degree and other severe ankle injuries. They are ideal for immobilizing the ankle and providing compression in order to reduce swelling caused by a severe ankle injury.

Walking Braces
Our full line of walking braces is ideal for treating sprained ankles, a broken foot, and other various foot and ankle conditions. These walking braces provide complete immobilization of the food and/or ankle.
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