Orthopedic Supplies

The vital issue modern evolves into : how to come across anyone who runs a orthopedic supplies medical equipment as well as items low cost and suppliers enterprise in a different locale who is able to assist you? If your orthopedic supplies requirement primarily consists of innovative medical equipment constantly consult a medical professional before performing any new activity if you have got any concerns concerning your own physical fitness or health.

Allow your medical professional know concerning any kind of chronic illnesses you include as well as get pointers about how precisely to easily modify action to accommodate your illness. Discover a seasoned medical equipment & equipment wholesale & manufacturers company entrepreneur benefits & disadvantages of orthopedic supplies. Even though you will find considerable positive aspects to purchasing orthopedic supplies as well as items low cost as well as suppliers enterprise ( as opposed to a start-up ), it’s important to weigh up the benefits and drawbacks prior to deciding to invest in orthopedic supplies.

Diagnostic devices for hospitals and physicians, your own approach will should be more sophisticated and include a team of educated subject repetitions who will be able to mingling with medical professionals. However, when your own orthopedic supplies can largely serve individuals, you are going to need to tailor your own strategy toward health care equipment and supply retailers, therapeutic clinics and further organizations that spread crutches, orthopedics, wheelchairs, feces, and so forth. Should you be thinking of health care equipment and supplies wholesale as well as suppliers enterprise, you might like to look at what might help you avoid popular blunders.

Reports show that just 15-20% of all orthopedic equipment helmets are fit appropriately. Withstand the provocation to go crazy concerning a modern workout until your body has experienced time to handle the new level of activity. Whether you are going to equities your personal inventory or aid transport successive from suppliers, you are going to must cultivate technology-driven techniques to guarantee punctual delivery.

On the drawback, medical equipment as well as items low cost as well as suppliers enterprise purchases is not easy to conform to your own different belief as a result it’s important to be sure the orthopedic equipment enterprise is capable of accomplishing your targets before you buy orthopedic supplies. These ideas are not a option to a health care checkup or meeting with your own health care service provider. Let your fingers accomplish the taking walks through the use of the hyperlink.

Luckily, you don’t have to tackle your own health care machine and supplies low cost as well as suppliers company’s strategy by yourself. Discover sound isolated company recommendations. If you would like to try buying health care orthopedic equipment as well as items wholesale, you actually ought to have a conversation with somebody that is at the enterprise. Anti-spearing rules in football include helped to reduce the quantity of cervical spinal column wounds because sport, however, old melon initially make contact with is nonetheless obvious it is increasing in sporting activities apart from pro football. Even some dehydration reduces your own activity efficiency – don’t wait until you feel parched.

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Buy Orthopedic Medical Supplies

If you buy orthopedic medical supplies from existing companies they have proven business models as well as a historical past of successes. Collect targets which can be realistic for your level of physical fitness as well as personal injury historical past. Do not play through severe ache because this is a guaranteed means of developing a extreme or chronic injury by means of actual physical stress or use.

A knowledgeable instructor will cultivate a individualized plan to help you reach your own physical fitness as well as efficiency targets easily and economically. If you buy orthopedic medical supplies, think concerning health care machine and items wholesale as well as suppliers.

Always seek health care instruction for those who have any kind of questions, concerns or an personal injury a result of activity or perhaps game. Consider hiring an individual trainer to develop a fitness regime proper to your own actual physical requires as well as the requirements added to your entire body by your picked action or sport. A number of helmet designs for football as well as hockey are actually designed with the purpose of minimizing concussion charges. Use the hyperlink below to secure a list of local business competitors locally.

Utilize good technique. If you buy orthopedic medical supplies, constantly dress in the proper helmets, mouth protects, eye defense as well as protecting pads as well as guards for your game. Obtain a physical checkup. Check the area you will likely be playing in and the set up basic safety recommendations specific to your own game. Avoid caffeine, carbonated or perhaps sugary refreshments. Truth be told that there is inadequate attestation to ensure that head wear use in soccer reduces the incidence pace of concussion.

Most often, products on hand checking remedies could be networked with manufacturer and team member database products to offer distinctness of your own supply chain. We tell you what you need to know to improve your results. You must contribute a few simple carbohydrates ( foods or a sports drink ) to replenish your glycogen stores in the event you activity for a lot more than 90 mins. Boost action gradually. If so, the company owner could be a lot more than happy to discuss the industry along.

They are able to analyze as well as address numerous musculoskeletal conditions, always keep minor concerns from becoming major kinds, and allow you to get back in the game quickly and safely. If you buy orthopedic medical supplies, obtain a list of close by health care tools & equipment at wholesale prices & manufacturers businesses. Exactly how are you gonna successfully buy orthopedic medical supplies with present organizations?

Some studies have demonstrated the great things about oral cavity safeguard make use of in avoiding concussions, yet others have demonstrated there is not any correlation between mouth guard use as well as the drop of concussion in sports. Consider getting an “off season.” Cross educate. Stopping concussions is difficult, as a result we need to do what we could to lessen the number of concussion in addition to properly address the cards that do occur.

The usage of head wear in football is about to achieve more attention. Obtaining punctual treatment for an injury will increase your recovery letting you come back to the game in the least achievable time. Consider cross coaching with further sports, strength training or perhaps yoga stretch to secure a good exercise without over-stressing precise muscle tissues. A skilled, qualified mentor who comprehends the specifications of the game as well as enforces these will help create the safest achievable conditions.

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A Comprehensive Orthopedic Medical Equipment Supplier

The human musculoskeletal system runs throughout your body, which explains why there are so many things that can go wrong. From repetitive stress injuries, to blunt-force trauma, doctors see a huge range of ailments affecting this system almost daily. This is why, as a doctor, you must buy orthopedic medical equipment only from a provider that you trust, since it is one of the most common areas affected in patients.

Buy Orthopedic Medical Equipment for the Following Reasons

Professional-quality equipment can save an injured person weeks and months of delayed healing, while also allowing them to go about their daily tasks. Here at Express Orthopedics, we have medical supplies for every musculoskeletal concern you see each day; from ankle support to carpal tunnel. Each product fully embraces the principle of immobilization, so that the body’s natural healing process is more effective in restoring full health and use of the affected limb or joint.

  • Ankle Braces: The majority of ankle injuries require support in order to heal within a reasonable time frame, because it’s a region that doesn’t naturally have a lot of blood flow. Express Orthopedics carries the full scope of ankle support braces by the best brands, which means that no ankle problem is too unique to be helped – even post-operative cases. Of course, our guarantees extend to foot care, where a selection of splints, braces and walkers will relieve the daily stresses to which your lower extremities are subjected.
  • Back Support: The back is one of the most important parts of the musculoskeletal system, if only because of its sheer size. Injuries in this region affect the entire upper torso, and it is of paramount importance that your patients have quality back braces to aid the recovery process. When you buy orthopedic medical equipment from us, we guarantee this same level of quality in all of our products.
  • Head and Neck Care: The head and neck aren’t anything to trifle with, which is why we only carry DonJoy, Aircast and Procare orthopedic supplies to help support this region. Whether your patient’s are recovering from car accidents, tracheotomies or cervical issues, braces from these top of the line brands can provide immediate relief and support for the term of healing period.
  • Wrist and Thumb Support: These smaller joints also require support from time-to-time. Perhaps you have patients with carpal tunnel syndrome, sprains or small joint manipulation issues; Express Orthopedics carries an impressive range of splints and thumb spicas to immobilize the affected areas and encourage recovery. As for wrist braces, you can choose from those offering mild support, maximum support, moderate support and carpal tunnel wrist support and Colles splint braces.
  • General Products for Patient Care:Additionally, we have a wide array of catheter straps and fracture bracing splints for patient care. Simply call to inquire about the body holders and belts we carry, as well as the walkers and limb restraints for specific patients.

We only use the highest quality suppliers, which mean that industry stalwarts such as Aircast, Procast and DonJoy are well-represented in our inventory of medical supplies. Here at Express Orthopedics, quality products are what we’ve built our name upon, and we depend on our customer service to continue that reputation in all of our business dealings. Visit our website and give us a call at your earliest convenience – we’ll take care of all your orthopedic medical equipment concerns.

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Buy Orthopedic Equipment Online with Express Orthopedics and Receive Discounted Rates

If you are facing any type or orthopedic injury or problem, it is important to have an orthopedic specialist examine the problem area. Depending on your specific type of injury, your physician may recommend keeping the injured area in a brace, splint, or some other type of orthopedic equipment.  These devises are used to protect, correct, and/or stabilize the injured or hurting area. If you choose to buy orthopedic equipment online with Express Orthopedics, you will receive many benefits like the ones listed below.

Large Inventory of Orthopedic Equipment

Express Orthopedics offers a wide range of orthopedic equipment, including ankle braces, elbow supports, back supports, knee braces, head braces, neck braces, thumb splints, wrist braces, leg supports, shoulder braces, and more. They offer many more options than you will find at your local medical supply store. We also carry only top quality supplies and equipment to ensure you always receive pieces of equipment that operate properly and are in good working condition.

Discounted Rates

One of the best benefits of working with Express Orthopedics is their incredibly low rates. As discounted online retailers, Express Orthopedics can offer some of the best rates available in store and online. This allows you to save money, while still obtaining the high quality orthopedic equipment and supplies you need to heal properly.  Best of all, they even offer free shipping on all orders over $200. This allows you to get everything you need delivered right to your home.

Easy Ordering Process

With Express Orthopedic, you never have to wait until the morning to buy orthopedic equipment online that you need now. Their online store is available 24/7 and they accept orders any time of the day or night. This allows you to shop for the orthopedic equipment online you need, at a time that best fits your schedule. In addition, their friendly and knowledgeable customer service team is always available to help answer any of your questions or to help you find the exact supplies you need.

No matter what type of orthopedic equipment online you are looking for, Express Orthopedic is sure to have it. You can easily shop online for all the supplies you doctor recommended and see how great our prices really are. Once you place your items in the virtual shopping cart, you will see exactly how much everything costs. Now, you are ready to save money and buy orthopedic equipment online. Your items will be delivered right to your front door within just days. This will provide you with all the equipment you need to protect your injured area and to ensure proper healing.

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Orthopedic Equipment from a Vendor You Can Trust

Given the wide range of bone-related injuries and ailments, it should come as no surprise that orthopedic supplies are one of the most sought after pieces of medical equipment. The various joints, plates and bones that help support your musculoskeletal system can take quite a beating from everyday use – and more so from direct injury.

As such, it is important that your office has a go-to supplier from which to buy orthopedic equipment; one that is reliable, has a fast turn-around time, and can meet the full spectrum of your equipment needs.

Orthopedic Equipment for a Range of Issues

Express Orthopedics is your got-to supplier, where we embrace the principles of accuracy, reliability, speed and customer service. We carry many products from the Procare, which is an industry-standard manufacturer, from which we buy orthopedic equipment in bulk:

  • Procare Deluxe Shoulder Immobilizer, which protects the rotary cuff and general shoulder region from further harm while the injury heals
  • Procare Industrial Back Support Brace, which props up your back by distributing the load across the shoulders and upper torso; it is especially effective for job-related injuries and aches and pains resulting from extended airplane flights, etc
  • Procare Form Fit Cervical Collar for the neck region; useful if you’ve suffered a car accident or are recovering from regional surgery
  • Procare Reddie Brace Knee Brace for sports-related injuries and others
  • Procare Quick Fit Brace for your wrists, which help with regional fractures and carpal tunnel
  • For thumb injuries, Express Orthopedics also carries Thumb Spicas and Splints
  • A variety of Ankle Support sleeves and single-leg Procare Maxtrax Walkers

Only Buy Orthopedic Equipment from Top Providers

The above represents a small fraction of the full scope of orthopedic equipment available in our warehouses. Using proprietary techniques, all of our equipment is made to specialize in immobilization of the affected area, so that healing can commence. Our website is easy to navigate and locate the corresponding equipment you need in the named categories. More generally, there’s also a section on patient care, where you can find smaller equipment such as catheter straps and limb restraints to be used in-office.

If you need joint immobilizers, we’ve got you covered. Do you require supportive equipment for post-operative care? Check. How about simple walkers for aging and injured patients? Check. When you buy orthopedic equipment from Express Orthopedics, you can be sure that none of it is generic – we only employ top of the line wares from respected brands that have built a reputation for precision and reliability. In addition to Procare, we also carry Aircast, DonJoy and others.

The Importance of Limb and Joint Care

The joints and bones that comprise your musculoskeletal system are susceptible to flair-ups; which is why it’s essential that your office is primed to provide patient support using the most reliable equipment. This happens with the most frequency as the cold months arrive, which means you should expect an influx of patients in your practice.

Buy orthopedic equipment from a trusted vendor and arm your office with the products it needs to render exceptional service – you’ll be saving patients loads of discomfort in the months to come. Furthermore, by managing known issues, you’ll be preventing the more severe injuries that come from continued use without support. Take a look at what Express Orthopedics has to offer today.

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Buying Orthopedic Medical Equipment

When looking for a company to buy orthopedic medical equipment you want to look for a company you can trust. You want to look at the quality of the products, customer reviews, check and see how long they have been in the business and how they deal with their clients.

Express Orthopedics has been serving the medical industry for over 20 years. They are located in South Carolina selling medical supplies and equipment. They care about the quality of the products they will supply the customers with in order to provide great patient care. They strive to have positive relationships with their clients and feel it is important to stand for integrity.

You can buy orthopedic medical supplies on line and have them shipped to your office. Visit the website or give them a call. They offer a wide variety of supplies and equipment so it can be your main source supplier, no need to deal with other companies.


  • Ankle Braces– accessories, maximum to mild support braces.
  • Back Supports– abdominal & rib supports, lower back supports, upper back and posture supports.
  • Bandages
  • Elbow Supports– arm slings and immobilizers, pads, supports, cuffs
  • Foot Care– accessories, arch pain supports, diabetic products, drop foot boots, plantar fisciitis care, walking braces, heel pain spports, post-op and cast shoes
  • Head and Neck Braces– aspen collars, cervical collars, tracheotomy collars
  • Knee Braces–  accessories, bands, straps, post-op, calf and knee sleeves, immobilizers, braces
  • Leg Supports– calf sleeves, splints, hip abduction pillows, supports, sleeves
  • Patient Care– catheter straps, bracing and fracture splints
  • Shoulder Braces immobilizers, cuffs, supports, strap pads
  • Thumb Spicas and Splints
  • Wrist Braces– maximum to mild supports braces, CTS braces, comfort form braces

When you buy orthopedic medical equipment from Express Orthopedic you get a guarantee that your products will be high quality, providing brands such as: ProCare, Aircast and DonJoy. This company has a great reputation with it’s customers in the orthopedics field of quality health care bringing you items you can trust.

They offer products of the month and free shipping if your order is 200 dollars or more before taxes and shipping charges offering you supplies in bulk at a discount price saving you money while providing high quality care. You can place orders online, order a catalog online or just give them a call and speak with someone about the supplies and features offered through this company. You can call them at this toll free number 1-888-886-6337 to place your order or request more details.

In the orthopedics field you want to buy orthopedic medical equipment from a seller you can trust. Check them today you can visit the web site at www.expressorthopedics.com you can check out the online catalog and place an order today or order a catalog to your home or office for future purchases.

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All About Express Orthopedics

Express Orthopedics will give you the benefit of allowing you to buy orthopedic equipment online easily as well as effectively. If you should happen to depend on the Express Orthopedics organization to provide you with orthopedics for your needs, then you definitely will absolutely never need to fuss. There are plenty of problems which might be associated with securing orthopedics in addition to maintaining them.

Orthopedic healthcare items are somewhat intricate, so you have to have the help of the specialists at Express Orthopedics to solve your orthopedic healthcare supply needs. They are going to handle any kind of queries you have and will always make sure your own orthopedic healthcare items solve any problems you have. The manufacturer of the orthopedics for each person will need to produce the orthopedics to work efficiently.

The personal basis for buying orthopedic equipment online is that you should save funds. Express Orthopedics will give you the benefit of allowing you to buy orthopedic equipment online and solve the difficulties which afflict you. For those who have tried out other suppliers to buy orthopedic equipment online and recently been struggling to come across an orthopedic healthcare items dealer who can cope with your preferences then you definitely must try out Express Orthopedics.

Express Orthopedics has the specialists which will enable you to buy orthopedic equipment online successfully. Express Orthopedics will give you the benefit of orthopedic healthcare items which might be personalized for your requirements. Consequently, you can see the benefits of using getting Express Orthopedics to attain orthopedics for your needs, then maintain your orthopedics to suit your needs, are innumerable.

Otherwise, you may still have to be concerned concerning controlling the many difficulties which might take place. In the end, you may be paying more for orthopedics since it is difficult when compared with several other health-care machines you could order. Such problems are often linked to how you will gain orthopedics and how to preserve your orthopedics.

Each orthopedic supplier has different orthopedics that are without question needed for the numerous different difficulties their customers may have. The reason it is complicated is due to the fact that the orthopedics need to be customized during the production of the orthopedics. Each customer, as you will quickly realize, has different needs for their orthopedics.

Express Orthopedics has a sizable variety of different orthopedics to suit your needs and allows you to pick your own orthopedic healthcare supplies. Express Orthopedics will enable you to buy orthopedic equipment online. If you are looking for top quality orthopedics then the Express Orthopedics organization is a good company to acquire your own orthopedics from.

If you may yourself in a situation wherein you want to buy orthopedics then you need to know you are getting the best orthopedics you can afford. There are many different orthopedics on the market and you need to educate yourself to the differences between them in order to ensure you are acquiring the ones which will be effective for your situation. If you have to buy a large number of orthopedics then you need to check every variable related to them in order to determine which orthopedics are the ones you need.

In the event that you could find yourself in a situation where you wish to order orthopedics, then you definitely need to know you will be acquiring the best orthopedics you can afford. There are various orthopedics on the marketplace so you must educate yourself to the differences between them, so that you can ensure you will be obtaining the kinds which can produce solutions for your needs.


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Orthopedics Get You Back in the Game

For an athlete, there is nothing as frustrating as ending up on the side-lines because of an injury. Bursitis, shin splints or stress fractures that result from overworking or improper training, may not only derail your personal training regimen, but your performance goals as well.  When your body’s support system is painful or undermining your movement, you not only need to buy orthopedic equipment, but also get the finest orthopedic care available.

Orthopedics for Sports Injuries

The most common sports injuries involve muscles, ligaments, and joints. Several professional football players have ended their career by tearing a muscle or blowing out an Anterior Cruciate Ligament – ACL. Nonetheless, few people recognize the significance of minor musculoskeletal damages. Being under the care of a skilled orthopaedic specialist ensures that athletes are in perfect shape.

If you suffer an injury, muscle or joint pain, your first stop should be at an orthopedic doctor. The doctor will diagnose your pain, and advise you on the suitable treatment program that can get you back to your favourite game quickly and safely. An orthopaedic doctor with a speciality in sports medicine mainly focuses on the needs of athletes. Thus, he will be able to look into how your sport affects your body, and helps you accordingly.


Orthopaedic doctors can also help you with a rehabilitation plan. After an injury, you should work slowly toward recovery. Do not get back into the game before you are ready. With your orthopaedic surgeon’s supervision, rest, and physical therapy will help the impacts of an injury on your body will be minimized. Consequently, your injured ankle or knee will be able to return to its original capabilities.

Most sports-related injuries can be prevented. For instance, you will notice many athletes wearing orthopedic equipment, like knee braces, while playing to minimize the chances of ligament injuries. You can also buy orthopedic equipment to prevent the injuries.

These preventions also extend to degenerative musculoskeletal conditions like arthritis. An orthopedic specialist is able to slow the progression of such conditions and help you manage the pain associated with them.

Pediatric Orthopedic Specialists for Young Athletes

For injured young sportsmen, they will need specialized attention from a pediatric orthopedic doctor. According to Stop Sports Injuries – a campaign focusing on youth sports safety – about 3.5 million children get injuries every year while participating in sports activities.

Not all of these injuries may be musculoskeletal, but most of them are. The needs of young athletes differ from those of adults given that their bodies are yet to stop growing. Orthopedic specialists have developed specialized surgical techniques aimed at minimizing the impact of injuries on the body of a child and help speed recovery.


Change of lifestyle, accidents, repetitive movements, or sports, have the potential of causing damage to your musculoskeletal system. Whatever game you play, it may take a toll on your body. If you are experiencing pain or a sports-related injury to joints, nerves, muscles, or bones, you need to see an orthopedic doctor.

Whether the injury occurred today or several years ago, an orthopedic doctor can help relieve the pain for you to get back to enjoying your favourite activities. The specialist may advise you to use orthopedic equipment. If you have to buy orthopedic equipment, you will never go wrong with Express Orthopedics, a premier supplier of orthopedic medical products.


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Find Quality With Your Equipment

Individuals who use orthopedic medical equipment have the option to purchase their own from a variety of suppliers. The key is knowing brand names and understanding what to expect in terms of quality and workmanship. Working with a medical professional will help you to determine what type of equipment you need. They will also help you learn the right way to use each piece of medical equipment.

Focus on Quality

When purchasing orthopedic medical equipment or any other type of medical supply online, you should only purchase items from a company that has a good reputation. Websites will often contain testimonials and accreditation or awards the company has earned by offering continued satisfactory service to their clients.

Equipment that is made with the highest quality materials and the best craftsmanship makes for long lasting benefits. In many cases, it is wise to try on or use a piece of equipment before buying it. Getting a feel for the product is the best way to determine its quality and workmanship.

Follow Doctor’s Orders

Before purchasing any orthopedic medical equipment, you should always consult your physician. They will help you determine what size you need as well as if there are any specific features you will need in a specific product. Your doctor will also teach you how to properly use each item so that you get the maximum benefit.

Choosing to purchase equipment without the input of a physician can do more harm than good. Purchasing the wrong size or type of orthopedic equipment can actually lead to an injury or prevent a joint from healing properly. Medical equipment provides more benefit when a person is able to use it correctly. In some cases, working with a medical professional will make all of the difference when it comes to the healing process.

Expensive Is Not Always Better

Orthopedic medical equipment do not have to be high priced or overly expensive to offer benefits. There are many high quality products that are modestly priced and good quality. Searching for the best value will benefit you in the long run. Many people will find one brand and continue to use it for as long as possible.

Most health insurance companies will cover orthopedic medical equipment if it is prescribed by your physician. If your insurance company does cover the equipment, you may have to pay a percentage or a small co-pay. If you purchase the equipment on your own, you will have to pay full price. If you order it from an online company, you will be required to pay full price but may be able to turn the invoice into your insurance company for a partial reimbursement.


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Myths and Misconceptions in Orthopedics

Orthopedics is a branch of medicine that specializes in the treatment of the body’s musculoskeletal system. The system encompasses the bones, ligaments, joints, muscles and tendon. Orthopedic care usually involves a team approach, which normally includes a doctor, a physiotherapist, among others. While you can buy orthopedic medical supplies from various outlets around the world, you may be held back from doing so, owing to the many myths and misconceptions in orthopedics. Here are some common myths that you need to know about.

Age Stereotypes

There is a common belief that only the elderly can suffer from orthopaedic complications such as arthritis. The truth is that these complications can strike people across all age groups, even children.  However, conditions like osteoarthritis may be prevalent in older adults, owing to deterioration of bone density.

Bones Stop Growing Once You Stop Growing.

This is not true. Just like the rest of your body, the bones continue to develop throughout your life. The bones may stop you from growing in height, but they can grow thicker of thinner, based on your diet, medical conditions as well as the general health of your bone cell’s production. As you age, you may experience thinning of the bones due to osteoporosis. This condition can be combated by undertaking weight-bearing exercise like walking and jogging.

All Joint Pain is Arthritis

While there are over 50 kinds of arthritis, a swollen and painful joint does not necessarily imply that you have arthritis. Joint pains can be caused by several other conditions that include bursitis and tendonitis. You should consult your to doctor to get the correct diagnosis so that even if you were to buy orthopedic medical supplies, you will be sure of what to buy.

You Should Not Worry About Miner Joint Pains

While most people have the habit of downplaying their joint pain and take it as something they can just live with, it should not be ignored. You need to consult your doctor if your joint pain persists for more than a week, or worsens with time. Ignoring joint pains could result in further deterioration, which may eventually lead to total joint replacement.

Back Pain – You Must Have A Surgery for A Slipped Disc

While acute disc herniation can cause excruciating pain, with some patients eventually requiring surgery, which the majority of disc herniation’s can be conservatively treated. This is because the body eventually reabsorbs them. If you suffer disc herniation, several treatment options, like physical therapy and injected or oral corticosteroids, may be applied before considering surgery.

Bed Rest: If You Have Back Pains, You can Just Rest until the Pain Subsides

While short-term rest plays a role in alleviating back pain, it should not go beyond 48 hours. Resting for more than 48 hours may increase muscular atrophy and prolong recovery.

A Fracture is Not a Broken Bone

A broke bone and a fracture are simply substantial injuries to a bone. A fracture may result in a neatly broken bone, or just cause a separation of a small portion of the bone. This can be quite painful.


There are many other misconceptions about orthopaedics today. Unless you are a medical professional, you may not realize they are, in fact, myths. These myths may end up costing you a lot of resources and a lot of pain. It is advisable to always consult your doctor to ascertain the truth in these matters. If you are looking to buy orthopedic medical supplies, you can visit Express Orthopedics for a wide range of orthopedic products.

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